In the pedestrian zone of Rua de Cedofeita, one of the most lively streets in the city center of Porto, next to Praça de Carlos Alberto, opens its doors the number 27 – 2nd floor front, in June 2015.


Tincal lab is a creative virtual platform and jewelry atelier founded by Portuguese jeweler Ana Pina.

As a showroom of the brand you can contact directly with the artist, see her work live and get to know the working space where the jewels are created.


Under the motto curating and experimenting in contemporary jewelry, we regularly launch collaborations and events that help to promote this amazing creative area, such as workshops with invited jewelers, individual and collective exhibitions, featuring works by local and international artists.


A space open to receive peers who seek a creatively stimulating environment, customers who wish to see the work live and friends who want to simply say hello!


[photo by Mário Brandão]

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