earrings + drawing FG1
earrings + drawing FG1
earrings + drawing FG1
earrings + drawing FG1

Figurae Collection

earrings + drawing FG1

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This special limited edition of Figurae Collection combines both of Ana Pina's favorite artistic media: jewelry and painting.

These earrings are all unique pieces, composed by two articulated geometric shapes: one in silver, the other in white modelling clay, painted with acrylic painting. Each pair (first photo) is sold together with an original abstract painting (second photo) that was created at the same time (work in progress in the third photo).

Signed and dated.

Check example of back of the earring in the last photo.


Reference: FG09.001


Sterling silver: 3,6g |  brushed finish + modelling clay, acrylic paint, satin varnish

5,5x4,0x1,3cm | 7,5g each



Acrylic paint on textured paper 120g