Ana Pina


Ana Pina was born in 1980, in Porto, Portugal, city where she studied, still lives and works.

She graduates in architecture (FAUP, 2004) and works in an office for a few years, until she founds her passion for contemporary jewelry and decides to work as a jeweler full time. Her background in this area includes a workshop in school Contacto Directo and the professional course in school Engenho e Arte, besides some specific complementary workshops.

She develops her personal jewelry brand since 2012 and Tincal lab is since 2015 the workshop and showroom of the brand, exhibition space, meeting point with colleagues, friends and customers.

In her work she combines her background in architecture with traditional jewelry techniques and contemporary concepts of design in the creation of jewels with a strong abstract and geometric inspiration, in search of a modern, versatile and feminine style.

Unique pieces or limited collections combine elements of a common vocabulary in a game of contrasts and textures, geometric relations and asymmetries, as if they were letters building words inserted in a bigger text. 

Some of her favorite things include: cats, the color red, chocolate, shoes, books, music, cinema, travels and yoga.



Creative responsible for the brand Ana Pina.

Founder of Tincal lab.

Ana Pina is a registered trademark at INPI [National Institute of Industrial Property] with the number 520651.

INCM - Contrastaria do Porto associate number P115100.

AORP [Jewellery and Watchmaking Association of Portugal] associate number 1796.

PIN [Portuguese Association for Contemporary Jewelry] associate number 227.

Architect registered at Ordem dos Arquitectos, Secção Regional Norte, with the number 14166.

Habilitated with CCP [Certificado de Competências Pedagógicas de Formador - training certificate] nº 572832/2011.

Available to collaborations, wholesale and commissions.



1980 | Ana Pina is born in Porto, Portugal

1998 | Secondary Education in Arts (final grade of 18 out of 20)

2004 | Graduate Degree in Architecture, FAUP (final grade of 16 out of 20)

2004 | Curricular architecture traineeship under the guidance of architect António Brandão

2005 | Architecture traineeship to access Ordem dos Arquitectos, CEFA-UP

2006/2011 | Works as an architect at Manuel Ventura & Associados Arquitectos

2009 | Creates the brand Ana Pina, jewelry + illustration

2010/2014 | Takes part in several craft fairs and other events (including Feiras Francas and Serralves em Festa)

2011 | Becomes a full-time freelancer at Ana Pina

2011 | Illustration workshop, with Sónia Borges, Fundação de Serralves

2011 | Contemporary Jewelry Workshop, Contacto Directo

2011 | Curso de Formação Pedagógica Inicial de Formadores (Training Course), ENA

2011/2012 | Pack Adobe CS5 – Graphic production with Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, Alquimia da Cor

2011/2012 | Contemporary Jewelry Professional Course, Engenho e Arte

2012 | Starts to collaborate with several shops in Portugal

2013 | Starts to collaborate with shops worldwide

2014 | Ana Pina is a registered trademark

2014 | Web Marketing workshop, with Miguel Brandão, CRU

2014 | Textile Silkscreen workshop, with Ana Seixas, CRU

2014 | Japanese Bookbinding workshop, with Catarina Azevedo, CRU

2014 | Letterpress workshop, with Up Studio, CRU

2014 | Lost Wax Casting workshop, with prof. José Pereira

2015 | Product Management workshop, with architect Vitor Varão, Cindor

2015 | Founder of Tincal lab - the contemporary jewelry atelier opens at Rua de Cedofeita, 27, 2nd floor front

2016 | Wax Modelling Workshop, with Susana Teixeira, Tincal lab

2017 | Porcelain applied to Jewelry Workshop, with Trinidad Contreras, Tincal lab

2018 | Collaborates with Inês Sobreira in the contemporary jewelry gallery Autoria

2018 | Tincal lab moves to Centro Comercial Bombarda, shop 25

2018 | Course Writing and Imagination, with Gonçalo M. Tavares, Casa da Arquitectura

2019 | Assistant professor at ESAD, 2nd semester of Project II, Degree in Jewelry Design (coordination by Áurea Praga)

2019 | Modular Design Jewelry Workshop, with Luis Acosta, Tincal lab



1999 | Almas em Mim, poetry book, author edition

2003 | Fragmentos de um Todo Incompleto, poetry book, Corpos Editora edition

2003 | Fragments, Individual drawing exhibition, Vila Nova de Gaia

2005 | Collective exhibition, academic works, Matosinhos

2009 | Creates the site and blog

2011/2012 | Guest blogger at Engenharia e Construção

2012 | Collaboration with Ediota – collection of illustrated badges

2012 | Ediotar-te, collective illustration exhibition, Penafiel

2012 | Engenho e Arte collective exhibition, 1ª Conferência Ibérica de Ourivesaria, Viana do Castelo

2012 | Engenho e Arte collective exhibition, Porto Jóia, Leça da Palmeira

2012 | Publication of illustration Bougainvilles - Passion at Spoonful Magazine, Issue 8

2012/2013 | Guest blogger at IKEA Family Live

2013 | Public presentation of Articular Collection, CRU, Porto

2013 | Design INSIDE, jewelry presentation, ivomaia designers, Santa Maria da Feira

2013 | Photo session with Articular Collection, Attilio Fiumarella

2013 | Exhibition PIN Session, CRU, Porto

2013 | New designers - stand AORP, Porto Jóia, Leça da Palmeira

2013 | Schmuck You!, Christmas exhibition and sale, Little Pop Machine, Berlin, Germany

2013/2014 | Collaboration with Portuguese brand Eureka Shoes - personalized jewelry collection

2014 | A Arte é Mulher, collective illustration exhibition, Ficar Association, Portalegre

2014 | JOYA Barcelona, collective participation wth AORP, Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona, Spain

2014 | Etsy House, Christmas Etsy pop-up shop, London, UK

2015 | Remade in Portugal "in-utilitas", collective exhibition, jewelry piece GULA, Fundação EDP Gallery, Porto

2015 | Jewellery Meets Illustration, collective exhibition, necklace Another Vision, Ó! Galeria, Porto

2015 | Collaboration with Stilnest, exclusive jewelry collection Perspectives

2015 | Participation in the collective project The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange

2015 | Jewelry and Architecture, collective jewelry exhibition, organization and participation, Tincal lab, Porto

2016 | La Couleur, Les Couleurs!, jewelry exhibition, ICKX gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2016 | Participation in the collective project Pass it Along

2016 | Portuguese Jewellery Newborn, AORP initiative, Serralves shop, Porto

2016 | Collaboration with Rosa Malva, design of the crown for the sculpture Our Lady of Conception

2016 | Jewelry at Casa Rolão, collective jewelry exhibition, organization and participation, iD Concept Store, Braga

2016 | Portuguese Jewellery Newborn, AORP initiative, Porto Jóia, Leça da Palmeira

2016 | Jewelry and Cinema, collective jewelry exhibition, organization and participation, Tincal lab, Porto

2016 | POP UP store 8x8, Galerias Lumiére, Porto

2017 | Public presentation of Tubular Collection, scar-id, Porto

2017 | AUTOR contemporary jewelry fair, Bucharest, Romania

2017 | Porto Jóia, international jewelry fair, Leça da Palmeira

2017 | Jewelry and Music, collective jewelry exhibition, organization and participation, Tincal lab, Porto

2018 | Public presentation of Singular Collection, scar-id, Porto

2018 | Public presentation of Orpheu Collection, Galeria Autoria, Porto

2018 | Remade X, exposição colectiva, jewelry piece GULA, Casa da Arquitectura, Matosinhos

2018 | Porto Jóia, international jewelry fair, Leça da Palmeira

2018 | Jewelry and Technology, collective jewelry exhibition, organization, Tincal lab, Porto

2018 | Launch of the initiative Portuguese Jewellery x MAAT, MAAT, Lisboa

2019 | Public presentation of Leku Collection, Tincal lab e scar-id, Porto

2019 | POP UP Porto's Jewelry Galleries, with Tincal lab, Galeria da Livraria Sá da Costa, Lisboa

2019 | Tincal lab x Bauhaus100, collective jewelry exhibition, organization and participation, Tincal lab, Porto

2019 | Getijden, collective jewelry exhibition, necklace High Tide, Galerie Guthschmidt, The Hague, Netherlands

2019 | Milano Jewelry Week, represented by InThePendant Gallery, Milan, Italy

2019 | Porto Jóia, international jewelry fair - Jewel's lab with scar-id store, Leça da Palmeira

2019 | Jewelry and Anatomy, collective jewelry exhibition, organization, Tincal lab, Porto

2019 | Prostheseuses, selected for the competition Prezentacje 2019, piece Absence, Warsaw, Poland

2019 | Ornement[ation], collective jewelry exhibition, Galerie Lewis, Quebec, Canada

2020 | Public presentation of the limited edition of GULA, Tincal lab, Porto

2020 | MASK, collective virtual jewelry exhibition, piece Invisible, Galeria Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2020 | ANTIVIRUS, collective virtual exhibition, organization and participation, Tincal lab, Porto

2020 | Public presentation of the limited edition of Figurae Collection, Tincal lab, Porto

2020 | Oceans of Love, collective jewelry exhibition, necklace Eros, Place of Display, ROJW, Bucharest

2020 | Public presentation of DUO Collection, a #tincalcollab with the brand WEK, Tincal lab, Porto

2021 | New Bracelets, Nicolas Estrada, Promopress, book, bracelet "Read Me in the Mirror"

2021 | Jewellery Room, 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial, with Tincal lab, Lisboa

2021 | DUO Collection, Ana Pina x WEK, ROJW, Bucharest

2021 | Jewelry and Nature, collective jewelry exhibition, organization, Tincal lab, Porto

2021 | From the Shadow into the Light, collective jewelry exhibition, curator Luis Acosta, Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld, Enschede, The Netherlands

2021 | I International Meeting of Contemporary Jewelry, Figurae Collection earrings + drawing, Backyard Arte Gallery, Simancas, Spain