(Herzon & De Meuron, Basel)

Each jewel articulates elements of a common vocabulary.
As if they were letters that make up words inserted in a bigger text.

The articulation appears as unifying principle: only the transition to three-dimensionality shows the movement that the piece acquires when placed in the body that will use it - an inert element, that makes sense and life when appropriated.
Some pieces can be used in different ways and even combined between them, in a game where versatility wins and combinations are endless.


(Herzon & De Meuron, Barcelona)

2013 FLORA


(Álvaro Siza, Porto)



(Álvaro Siza, Chaves)


(Santiago Calatrava, Tenerife)

2015 SOLAR

2015 CLONE

2016 METAL

(Herzog & De Meuron, Tenerife)


(Souto de Moura, Porto)

Architecture is made from a combination of repetition and exceptional gestures. Recognizable elements and the surprise of the unexpected – or how something familiar can suddenly surprise us. Geometry isn’t always obvious and perspective can trick us. Complexity can be hidden in the most apparently simple solution – that’s when you realize that gravity doesn’t always support us and heaviness can be light.
Like in Burgo Tower facade (Porto, Souto de Moura, 2006) a change of perspective, can change it all.

2016 ORLA

(Casa Rolão, Braga)




(Endless Rhythm, Robert Delaunay)

In ancient Greece, Orpheus, legendary musician and poet, was known for being able to charm all living - and even inanimate - beings with the divine music of his lyre.
In the beginning of the 20th century the term Orphism was used to describe a particular kind of cubism developed by the couple Delaunay, that aimed to convey music through painting.
As symbol of the ability of arts to inspire each other, Orpheus is now present in this jewelry collection: an abstract and minimalist interpretation of the endless rhythm of circular movements of Delaunay’s compositions - a composition to be heard as a symphony, admired as a painting, worn as a jewel.

2019 LEKU

(Eduardo Chillida, sculpture and woodcut)

Leku, Basque word for place, gives name to a jewelry collection that finds in sculptor Eduardo Chillida the source of inspiration.

Geometric and free, almost architectural, the works of Chillida seem to be born in nature and belong to the city. They are abstractions that convey messages of strength and balance, that contain the roughness of the rust, the rigor of the straight line and the subtlety of the curve. They are volumes that play with light, bodies that weigh as much as their absence - they are space, while occupying the space.
In the drawings the black and white defines outlines and shapes, alludes to full vs empty games, to tensions and movements. In the passage to three-dimensionality the sculptures gain in grandeur and expression.

How can a series of lines have such a weight?
How can a stone block be so light?

From these contrasts a jewelry collection is born, that also gives rise to the author's two creative facets: the purity of the geometric trace - in a set of linear silver pieces - and the unpredictable freedom of the drawing - in a limited series of unique pendants, that celebrates Chillida’s corten steel through the hot shades of bronze.

2019 BAUHAUS 100


2020 DUO #tincalcollab Ana Pina x WEK

Latin "duo", two, pair >> from the combination of two designers, two different materials and two ways of creating jewelry, a strongly contemporary, urban, bold and versatile collection was born. Elements in silver and printed in 3D technology (PLA) are combined in affirmative geometric compositions that reflect what distinguishes each of these artists while assuming what they have in common.

DUO Collection is launched in the form of a fun series of earrings and pins in 2 sizes, 4 models and 4 colors that allow countless combinations.

2021 DISCO