Tincal lab


Tincal lab is a contemporary jewelry work+shop space founded by Portuguese jeweler Ana Pina.

Under the motto curating and experimenting in contemporary jewelry, we regularly launch collaborations and events that help to promote this amazing creative area, such as workshops with invited jewelers, individual and collective exhibitions, featuring works by local and international artists.

Tincal lab opened its doors in June 2015 on a second floor space at Rua de Cedofeita, in downtown Porto. In the end of 2018 it found a new home in the heart of Porto Art District: visit us now at CCBombarda, shop 25.

Tincal, also known as sodium borate or borax is a porous mineral consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. Among its many possible applications, it’s used in powder form during the process of melting metal or diluted, as a flux, during welding, acting as a supporting element of this process: it slows the oxidation of the metal and helps the solder to run along the joint of the two parts that you want to connect.

Being a word that sounds familiar to most jewelers, it also works here as an invitation to the rest of the public to come to know and interact with this fascinating universe.