earrings FG1-6
earrings FG1-6
earrings FG1-6

Figurae Collection

earrings FG1-6

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Figurae Collection earrings are simple geometric shapes in silver, sold individually, so you can mix and match as you will.


Available shapes:

FG02.001 | rectangle: 2,0x1,0x1,3cm | sterling silver: 1,1g | brushed finish

FG02.002 | square: 2,0x2,0x1,3cm | sterling silver: 2,0g | brushed finish

FG02.003 | 1/4 circle: 2,0x2,6x1,3cm | sterling silver: 1,8g | brushed finish

FG02.004 | half circle left: 3,0x1,5x1,3cm | sterling silver: 2,0g | brushed finish

FG02.005 | half circle right: 3,0x1,5x1,3cm | sterling silver: 2,0g | brushed finish

FG02.006 | circle: 2,0x2,0x1,3cm | sterling silver: 1,9g | brushed finish


Before ordering, please note:

Due to the characteristics of manual production, the piece you'll get may have small differences compared to the pictured.

If not in stock, please allow up to 2 weeks for the execution - get in touch if it's urgent.


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